Thursday, January 20, 2011

First foods: Oatmeal

Last night we decided to try and feed Charlie something other than breast milk. Our friend Liz recommended baby oatmeal so we gave it a go. As I found out, one mixes the oatmeal with breast milk and the consistency is basically breast milk with lumps. As Betsy pointed out to me, his first meal is not really solid. I was under the impression that he was going to have a bowl of Cheerios with milk. I was totally wrong.

Things were looking promising for the first couple of spoonfuls,
but they turned bad pretty quickly.
Betsy is always the cheerleader and was very encouraging and positive.
But it was a lost cause. She would put the spoon up to his mouth, pour the oatmeal in, and the oatmeal would just run down his chin. He was super ticked.
Even though most of the delicious oatmeal landed on his shirt, he was still a happy camper in the end. We realize now last night would have been a perfect opportunity to deploy a bib.
I guess we try again tomorrow. I hope it works out.


Lizzy said...

Well, even with the fussing it was still a good learning experience for him (and he was cute while doing it)! Be sure not to do it when he is hungry for a "real meal" or he will just get frustrated. Breast feed him first, then do a few spoonfuls, and it is perfectly okay to stop at a few spoonfuls. When he gets the hang of it, he'll let you know he wants more! Definitely stop if he is visibly upset.

Suzy said...

Oh my gosh he's getting so old! The pic of him not enjoying it is priceless! A bib is probably a good idea :)

april said...

So sweet that he's still happy in the end!

Jamie said...

Love his "cranky" face. It doesn't come out very often.
Good luck with the solids, yummm lumpy oatmeal ; )