Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mommy Day!

Happy Mother's Day to you Betsy and to all the mothers out there. As you may know, we became parents last July to a baby boy named Charlie. Since Charlie was our first baby and I didn't have small kid experience we decided to practice before he came. Most people try to keep a plant alive for a year or get a pet for practice but we decided to use fancy electronics.
Since we managed to keep our computer alive for a year we decided we were ready to take care of a child. So Charlie came into our world. We were so excited to meet him and were relieved that he had all his parts and was cute to boot. Meeting him was unreal.
Charlie took to us right away, especially Betsy for some reason (milk).
We were lucky to have a baby that was happy, content and a great sleeper (don't worry...that's all changed lately...can you say up three times last night???).
Every now & then he wouldn't sleep well and I would get picture texts like this.
We've also come to terms with the fact that most people want to hang with Charlie instead of us. People use the excuses "haven't seen you in a while" or "let's do lunch" to get together and when we do, they completely ignore us and play with Charlie the entire time. It's our new reality. Charlie is cooler than we are by a mile.
I think one of Betsy's favorite mom duties is dress up. She loves to put Charlie in interesting outfits and often ridicules her husband for the choices he makes. Because of her efforts, Charlie is one sharp dresser.
Betsy loves to take Charlie out on walks an explore nature. The other night we spent 10 minutes touching tree bark.
We've had several reports that Charlie is "the happiest baby I've ever seen." To keep him well-rounded, Betsy worked with him to develop his "mean mug" or "park face." This is Charlie's "leave me alone or I'll cut you/I'm dangerous" look.
But the truth is, this is closer to reality than the mean mug.
Betsy has also been working tirelessly on transitioning Charlie to solid foods. Her methods may be frowned upon by some, but we'll take what we can get.
Charlie is lucky to have such a pretty, funny, smart, and all around awesome mom. We are so lucky to have her and we love her so much. Not just today, everyday.
Happy Mother's Day!


Scott Christopherson said...

Charlies is cooler than the both of you hands down. He is also cooler than me.

Jamie said...

Betsy is an amazing Mom! Char is cute to boot and Steve your not so shabby either.
Let's do dinner soon, just so I can play with Char ; )

suzytag said...

Yay!! Happy first mothers day! I can't believe Charlie will be a year old in a few months. He will probably be walking the next time we see him! Maybe you should come out once before PC. Love you guys!

lisa said...

I love this post! Hope you had a great mother's day Betsy!