Saturday, July 30, 2011


One year! Charlie is one! Every week for the past year I've received a update in my email saying "your baby this week..." Then it goes on to tell me what my baby is likely doing these days...what I can expect...what I should not freak out about. Today I got and update that said "your toddler this week." Really? Charlie became a toddler today? He's still my baby to me.

Having Charlie has been so much fun. He makes us smile (almost) all of the time. I feel like everything I can possibly say about parenthood and babies all sounds so cliche. In certain ways our lives feel 100% different than they did one year and one day ago. But it's still Steve & me. We're the same people. Just + one Charlie. And our lives are better because of him.

We gave Charlie a cupcake tonight before his bath and he employed his latest favorite method of eating. Like a dog.

Happy Birthday Char Char!!!!
(stay tuned for birthday picnic pictures!)

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Steve said...

He eats like a horse. Whew. Luckily you didn't document his feed bag.

Char is awesome and I love that he is part of our life. This year, with it's ups and downs, has been so much fun. Charlie's smile is so contagious, just like a yawn. It's his most enduring character.