Monday, February 25, 2008

Oscar Party!

Yesterday was the Annual Beckstead's Oscar party complete with ballots, bingo and trivia. Of course there were prizes for the winners.

I rode the No Country for Old Men train to victory! Well sort of. I knew this movie was going to pick up many awards but my other picks were not as good . I could not pick anything right. I mean who can see all the foreign language films or know who is going to win the editing award? I think I ended up with 9 or 10 correct. Betsy was the big winner with a 14!!! She won a movie gift certificate and bragging rights for one year!

I did win a bingo round and won this! So good. Bingo was fun, the squares were categories like, "thanks the academy," "awkward joke," and "raises statue over head" as well as other things. I filled in most of my squares during Jon Stewart's opening monologue. He was so funny!

There were also movie inspired snacks. Betsy made Broken-heart buttermilk biscuits inspired by the movie Atonement. Betsy used a heart-shaped cookie cutter and they were sooooo good. I think Emily made Ratatouille. Someone brought Sunny delight. Alex made milkshakes. I wish I had photos of everything but I forgot my camera. Such a fun night!


veeda said...

Oh wow, I've been wanting to try Ratatouille. How cool!

each of the two said...

of COURSE Betsy won...
don't worry she still thinks you are smart, pollen smart.

Betsy said...

science smart = steve
important stuff smart = me