Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Sick Days

The Monday before the Superbowl (that’s how I gauge everything in my life…pre or post Superbowl) Steve and I went to bed. I remember waking up for a second around 3am and realizing my arm was touching Steve’s body and thinking in my head “he is burning up…he is literally on fire!” Then I went back to sleep. Fast forward to 5am and Steve was tapping me on the shoulder saying “babe? Are you awake?” Apparently I had rolled over or breathed deeply and he took this to mean I was moments away from waking up which I’m pretty sure I wasn’t. He then said in a really pitiful voice “I’m sick.” So being this was my first chance to be an official wife with a sick husband I instantly woke up…asked him sweetly if he was okay and then jumped to action. I found our rectal thermometer and took Steve’s temp and it was 103! I went downstairs and got him two icy beverages…one water, one Squirt, both with bendy straws. I also got a nice cool damp washcloth for his head and some Advil. After about 30 minutes of TLC he was fast asleep and I was on my way back to dreamland with another 45 minutes of beautiful sleep waiting to be had before my real wake up time.

Steve spent that whole week sick. He worked a couple of days. Stayed home a couple of days. Spent a lot of time on the couch. Watched a lot of Mythbusters. Took a lot of naps. Started to feel better…went back to feeling worse…back and forth back and forth. It was a tough week for him for a couple of reasons. Reason one: Sick. Reason two: Apparently my tolerance for caring for my sick husband lasts about 3 days before I start to get annoyed. I need to work on this…baby steps. Friday night things were bad again…he was feeling terrible so I went to Walgreen's to buy some cold & flu medicine and came home with this:

Steve took one look at it and commented on how I obviously didn't love him enough to buy the real stuff. Silly Steve. This is just an example of how fiscally responsible I am. Also, I like the Walgreen's generic drug marketing. It's great. And so clever! Everyone in my office is sick right now so today I went and bought me some of this:


rob said...

rectal thermometer?! sure, rub it in!

Erica said...

lol. honestly, you are killing me. good work for being such a caring wife. good work that steve's better. the rectal thermometer...i'm thinking that's a bit tmi.

Steve said...

rectal thermometer??? i don't remember that... I must have been sick!

Also, betsy has a Walgreens addiction.

each of the two said...

im still stuck on rectal thermometer.

aaaaaaaaaaaand, its not just you, all men are babies and 3 days is about accurate for tolerance.

Betsy said...

ok. so i was kidding about the rectal thermometer. but yeah, not kidding about my tolerance for sick sympathy. :)