Friday, September 5, 2008

No, thank YOU!

A couple months back Steve and I did a bit of regular babysitting for our friends Michelle & Jared. Twist our arm...Annabelle is just about the cutest girl in town (and she goes to bed early to boot so it barely even qualifies as babysitting). Even though we volunteered and were more than happy to do it, Michelle insists on making it it extra fun by cooking us delicious dinner (or chocolate pot de creme) to eat after they head out for the evening and after Annabelle is asleep. As if that wasn't enough, the last time we sat for them they gave us a gift certificate to Town Hall as a thank you and we finally used it last weekend. Our meal was amazing! All we did was hang out with an adorable baby at our cool friends stylish apartment. Somehow we made out like bandits. Thanks you guys! We had a great time! Can this be our regular job?