Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Question for the Mad Men fans...

Steve and I devoured Season 1 of Mad Men and absolutely love it. When Emily was in town the other weekend she made a comment about "Betsy Draper," Donald Draper's wife. I said "no...her name is Betty...not Betsy" but Em was pretty sure it was Betsy because she remembered Don also called her "Bets" for short (I get Bets all the time too).

So Monday night Steve and I sit down on the couch to dive into season two and in the first episode, sure enough, Don calls her Betsy and Bets! No Betty. What gives? I'm almost positive she's never referred to as Betsy or Bets in Season 1 because I think I'd have noticed. There are not too many Betsy's out there so when it happens, it strikes a chord.

Technically they are both nicknames for Elizabeth but it's just weird that the show made the switch like that. Maybe I totally missed something. Can anyone help me solve this mystery?

Sidenote: When I was searching for names and nicknames I found this fun site that lets you type in a year and see the most popular baby names for that year.


michelle said...

Yeah it's all of them. Just various nicknames for Elizabeth.

I love this show too. So stylish and cool.

bex said...

ooo. does this mean we can copy brigham and have a Mad Men party? i will bring the candy cigarettes.