Thursday, November 6, 2008

And now...Mexico.

To celebrate our one year of living together (marriage) we decided to go to Mexico, Cabo San Lucas to be exact. Using Betsy's contacts at work, we were able to get a great deal at the Riu Palace, very VIP and exciting. Cabo is a quick trip from SF, but we had to stop in LA first. Not only did we get to see celebrities, but we were able to see one of our favorite shows on a plane.

We also noticed these vending machines. Instead of candy and soda, they dispensed electronics. iPods, Nintendo DS, PSP, my kind of vending machine. A man machine if you will.
After a quick 2.5 hour flight we were in Cabo. The weather was 90 degrees. It was summer again. Thanks to Betsy's connections, we had our own car to our hotel. As soon as we walked outside the airport, a sign welcomed us!

We were suddenly whisked away to our resort in clean, air-conditioned comfort. It was so nice.

We also had a sweet room with an OK view.
Since we got to Cabo so early, we changed into our suits and hit the pool. Cabo is in the desert and the weather is pretty hot year round so jumping into the pool was very refreshing.

The Riu palace is an all inclusive resort. If you're not familiar with this term, it means you don't pay for any food or drink while at the resort. Basically we were on a land, booze cruise! There are several restaurants we could choose from that take reservations and a main buffet that all can enjoy. The menu changes daily but it is still a buffet. I am not a good buffet eater, I can only do one round before I am full. We ate a lot of fish and steak tacos.

As you can see, Betsy makes better choices than I do.

The next day we decided to walk to town via the beach. The town is about 1 mile away and not that bad of a walk. When we couldn't take the heat anymore we jumped in the ocean.

The town of Cabo is not that exciting in the middle of the day. I think the town gets a bit more exciting at night, with all the bars and nightclubs in town. We did a bit of shopping for souvenirs.

I wanted to buy a Lucha libre mask so bad but Betsy wouldn't let me. Also it was too hot to try one on!
We came across a grocery store and to beat the heat we perused the isles. They love Pringles

and Zucarita's. It was too hot for walking so we jumped in a cab and went back to the resort to relax by the pool.

The next day we went on a glass bottom boat/snorkeling tour to the famous arch from the marina.

There were several others on the tour but we were the only ones that were snorkeling. Look how white Betsy is!

The first part of the tour our captain drove us around and told us about stuff. We then went to the shallows where the fish are and you can watch them swimming around. The boat captain dropped us off here later so we could snorkel for a couple of hours. We didn't buy an underwater camera so you'll just have to imagine.

There were lots of pelicans.

And seals.
We then went over to the famous arch. It was beautiful.

The rock in the background looks like Scooby Doo!

This is Betsy's favorite picture from the entire trip.

Just our luck! When we finished our snorkeling tour and were dropped back off in the Marina, they were having an awards ceremony for the largest Marlin! It really was huge.
The last night at our resort I tried to get into the Mexican style. You know, shirt unbuttoned, chest hair, sexy look. I am half Mexican you know (please disregard the sunburn on my chest, it looked more tan in person).
This is the view out the front door of our room. We're on our way out for the last evening of all-inclusive resort style entertainment.

Which included vendors all over the place. Including this vendor who was selling amazing chess sets! If we'd had room in our luggage we would have picked up the big one for our x-high-school-chess-club-champion friend Shawn.

Betsy's dream came true when the entertainment for the night was a Grease sing-a-long!

As you probably know, we cut our trip significantly short to make it home in time for Betsy's friend Zach's funeral. We thought long and hard about whether to go on our trip at all but in the end decided to go, even if only for a few days, and celebrate Zach's life in a place surrounded by the things he loved. The ocean, surfing, sunshine. It was our own little tribute to him. Our last morning was beautiful as usual.And our flight left late in the day so we were able to spend almost that whole last day by the pool. I love sitting by the pool and reading. Betsy loves Grease sing-a-longs, I love reading.


Jen said...

Grease is the word, is the word, that you heard... It looks like you guys had an awesome time!

Steve said...

I miss Mexico, but not the booze cruise.

Betsy said...

Honey, can you reenact that hot Mexican look tonight?

April said...

Sound like a great trip! I love Cabo.

Erica said...

ole! congrats to your 1 year anniversary!

amyandseth said...

great pics. We went to cabo last year - loved it too. We (or I) was too cheap to pay for a cab and took the bus from beach/downtown to our hotel, got off on the wrong stop, had to walk on the freeway with our Cabo bags and straw hats, no hotel on sight within 10 miles, hitch hiked since hurricane came in, etc. anyways, we survived and loved it. Oh those pringles!