Wednesday, November 5, 2008

God Bless America

Steve and I voted at the Brickhouse Cafe in SOMA. It was PACKED yesterday morning. I've never been so inspired by an election as I was this time around. It felt amazing to wait in line with our fellow citizens...our neighborhoodians and wait to cast our ballots.

The best part was people weren't using the little polling booths...they were just sitting at big tables...ordering breakfast...filling out their ballots. It was like a giant block party.

We are happy we voted. We are happy Obama won. We are saddened that Prop 8 has passed but are trying to remember that progress is being made. We just need to have a little patience.


Holly Janeen said...

your voting stickers are WAY cooler than mine was this year.

mine was BROWN.

i mean, cant we pick a PATRIOTIC color for a PATRIOTIC act, people?seriously?

Betsy said...

My boss was also bummed with her generic American Flag "I Voted" sticker. Everyone should get the cool bilingual version. :)

k8 said...

i love you guys for voting for the right things : )

Steve said...

I love voting at a restaurant.

Grumplestiltskin said...

I love you guys despite your vote. xo Paul Gruwell