Thursday, February 26, 2009

Errand Boy

Steve has a bit of time on his hands these days so we're taking advantage by giving him lots of tasks that normally clog up our weekends. Take the bread maker situation. For our wedding we got one of these that we loved with all our heart.

Then one day the mechanism that holds the bread pan in the machine broke so when we'd try and make a loaf, it'd be chaos. So the broken breadmaker has been sitting on our shelf for months. I figured we'd have to throw it in the trash but then I remembered how great Bed, Bath & Beyond was when we returned and exchanged wedding gifts. I called them last night and let them know we had this bread maker from our wedding in Nov '07 that we didn't use for 6 months then started using then it broke but we have no receipt and no packaging whatsoever and sure enough their answer was "no problem!" So today Steve took the broken machine down to BB&B and exchanged it for this one that isn't as pretty to look at but gets rave reviews.

It was also $100 more expensive but with a 20% off coupon we ended up paying only about $60 out of pocket for a brand-new bread maker! I can't wait to experiment!

Also, I love Steve for sending me a picture of how he had to transport our new Zojirushi home.

I feel like there will be future posts about the Zojirushi. Mostly because it's called a Zojirushi.


rob said...

bread makers are pretty much my favorite part of being married. Let us know if you want a recipe.

Steve said...

the maiden loaf is baking right now!

Betsy said...

rob! yes please. the bread maker was in our top three favorite wedding gifts. and steve especially likes it b/c it's a manly appliance.

Courtney said...

I would like recipes too please!

(look at me!! I can finally post on your blog because I broke down and got a gmail account!)

julia said...

let me know how you like it. ziroshi makes the best rice cookers, so bread should be right up it's ally!