Thursday, February 26, 2009

Moving right along.

Well, we've sold everything we wanted to sell except the little Panasonic stereo. Last night a nice couple came and gave us a big wad of $20 bills in exchange for our dining room table and chairs. We've met some really nice people in the process of selling our furniture on Craigslist. The pinnacle was last night, Ali and Charles were the best! I found myself wanting to tell them to "give us a call sometime!" as we helped them load our table and chairs into their truck. I didn't though. Instead I watched them drive away with part of our life in the loft. We've had so many fun meals and worked our way through some serious puzzles on that baby. I'm happy the table and chairs is going to a new home where it will likely have more exciting times ahead.

Steve sent me this picture of our loft in it's current state (thanks to the Kane's for loaning us a couch for the last two weeks in our apt):

Even when it's the right thing to do, moving is hard. Moving = change. Change = Betsy freaks out. I'll be fine. We'll be fine in our new normal sized one bedroom nestled in the inner sunset...within walking distance of 9th & Irving, GG Park, lots of good friends...pocketing lots of $$ each month by taking advantage of the downturn in the economy and dropping rent prices.

Deep breath...we'll be fine.


bex said...

i was saying that same thing the other day. aubrey sells a lot of furniture and stuff on craigslist, and i always secretly want to use it as a way to be friends with the people that come to our house.

Erica said...

good luck w/ your move! i love the sunset!