Monday, February 16, 2009

Happy President's Weekend

Happy President's Day! Let's take a few minutes to bow our heads for our past and present heads of state (well almost everyone).

This weekend was action packed. And wet. It has rained all weekend which is good since California is headed for a drought. First up, Valentines Day. As you can see we are in love.

Betsy surprised me by getting me a Humboldt State sweatshirt! I have a couple hoodies from when I went to school there but they are old and ratty (perfect for Humboldt). I guess they were too stinky for Betsy.

Betsy was excited that I got her a heart shaped box of chocolates...
but was even more excited when she found a Wicked ticket attached to the back!
Our friends the McMillan's came over for dinner, to puzzle, to watch a Date movie, and to eat a 5-cheese mac and cheese that we made. This mac-n-cheese was so good but is only for special occasions since it has the potential to clog your arteries. The McMillan's also brought desert from here and here. It was fun to share the love.

Since today was a holiday we slept in, which is easy to do when it is cold and raining outside. After running some errands in the morning we decided to go see a movie in the afternoon. There was some debate, Betsy wanted to see this but I talked her out of it. We needed to see something presidential. Luckily there was such a movie.

I love bio-pics, and this one didn't disappoint. Nixon was a crazy, power hungry bastard but we have him to thank for signing the Clean Air and Water acts. The film was interesting and fast-paced which was good.

We came home and made an Presidential Dinner of Salmon, BBQ Artichokes and mashers. So good. Betsy also has a knack for making delicious yogurt/cucumber concoctions.

Delicious. What a great weekend.


Suzy said...

What a fun weekend! I want that salmon and artichoke dinner right now...

Betsy said...


Erica said...

loved wicked! have a blast!!!