Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Moving Sale!

Let's try this again. Some of you know we had signed a lease on an apartment a couple of months back but it fell through (due to many smoking neighbors in the "non-smoking" building). We got ourselves out of that situation and have found an even better place which we are really excited about. Moving from a loft to a more standard sized one-bedroom apartment means it's time to downsize our furniture that we up-sized because we had so much space. Here's a list of things we're selling on Craigslist (all in excellent condition):

Sectional Couch
Dining Room Table w/six chairs
Patio Furniture Set
Chair w/Ottoman
Corner Shelf
Panasonic stereo
Infinity Bookshelf Speakers

Email me or leave a comment if you're interested in anything posted here. Also, if anyone is interested in renting our loft, we're tight with our property manager and could help make that happen as well.


Rudy said...

man! i so wish my dumb house would sell so i could move into your loft. it'd be so perfect. close to the train. rad neighborhood. etc. :(

good luck on selling stuff.


Betsy said...

It really would be the perfect spot for you actually. In the city w/close freeway access. Sell already!!!!

Rich said...

Not sure if you remember me?

amanda said...

I really wish I could take that dresser off your hands!

Suzy said...

I want that couch...and the table and chairs...and the dresser. Dangit, if only we didn't live in UTAH!

Betsy said...

Road trip!

Suzy said...

I am seriously debating it...

Betsy said...

Before you do...we just sold the couch, bookcase, speakers and patio furniture!