Sunday, March 15, 2009

New apartment

Last weekend we moved to our new apartment in the Inner Sunset. While we were sad to leave our loft, we are excited about our new neighborhood and apartment. We always knew that it was going to be hard to leave our large exposed brick loft, and we are still adjusting. Our new apartment is smaller but it does come with parking. Sit back and let us take a tour!

We will start in the kitchen, one of our favorite rooms. As you can see it is brand new. In fact, our entire apartment has been completely remodeled which is nice. We have tons of storage space.
Our kitchen is so big that we bought a kitchen cart for our microwave and a fancy trash can.
Here is the living room. We have two bookshelves that surround our t.v. As you can see the bookshelves still need to be organized.
The kitchen is attached to the living room.
Here is a photo of the living room and our new couches! We love them and are excited that we don't have to borrow friend's spare furniture. They are very comfortable. We also bought a new rug at CB2! We also picked up a dining room table from there as well.

We now move into the bathroom. We have a skylight! This skylight helps cut our energy costs since we don't have to turn on the lights during the daytime.
The bathroom is nice but a bit lacking on storage.
The best part of the bathroom is our curved shower curtain rod which makes for a very roomy shower. You can really stretch out and lather your hair. It is nice.
Next we enter our bedroom. The room is a tad on the small side (from what we're use to) but roomy enough for all of our furniture.
We have our computer in the bedroom which is nice if we want to work away from the main room. We found the perfect desk for the the spot between our two closets. Yes we have his and hers closets which is so nice. My closet can be as messy as I want and Betsy can say nothing about it!
I love the new apartment. I really love coming home and having a parking spot waiting for me when I get home. I never have to worry about getting hit with street cleaning ticket. I also love running in the park. So exciting.


Betsy said...

1) That wall w/the bookshelves needs a serious dose of organization. And that stuff up on top and around on the floor will be outta here!

2) Those pics don't do our bathroom justice. It's so cute! And clean and new! It's my dream! And there is cute art up on the wall that you don't see in the pic. :)

Jen said...

I LOVE the new place! It's so fun to have a blank canvas to decorate. Everything looks great. Do you have your new dining room table yet? It was not pictured. Come on Steve... you gotta show me everything!

Shawn said...

You put a house together fast.

julia said...

where is your deer painting from? i dig it.

i love those round shower curtain rods. you should see how many people can fit in the shower. (clothed of course)

Lindsay said...

Wow! Your pictures are already hung! I am impressed! I've lived at your place for a year and we still have pictures to hang!

Suzy said...

Sooo cute! Great kitchen...I love new kitchens! You've inspired me to decorate immediately once we've moved in :)

k8 said...

the place looks adorable you guys! and honestly, people who have never lived in a city just have noooo idea what it feels like to have a parking space of your very own.

Senja said...

Oh, I love your new place! congrats! The bedroom looks really nice. :)