Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A night off.

Every spare minute we've had these past few weeks has been devoted to some stage of the moving process.

Packing/donating/selling/cleaning/moving/unpacking...and on and on. Last night was the perfect break in the form of a fancy dinner out and a broadway musical!

Maybe you remember Steve bought us tickets to Wicked for Valentine's Day!

I'd seen it once years ago when it debuted here in SF before it shoved off for it's life on Broadway. Our seats were amazing and I enjoyed it so much more than the first time. It was so fun and Steve loved it too! (insert fancy euro accent) My husband loves the theater!

Before the show we ate dinner at Conduit over in the Mission. Very cool. Very good food.


Suzy said...

I want to see that! Maybe we can go for my birthday one year..."you missed the exit you big dummy"

Betsy said...

hahaha...yes. maybe clinton high school will do a performance this coming year!!!

seriously though...if you came to visit we should try and go. we can leave the boys at home.

julia said...

isn't it so good? i just loved it.

Bryan and Sarah said...

I saw Wicked too! It's amazing!