Monday, April 6, 2009

ski trip

This weekend Shawn and I decided to take a quick trip to Heavenly to do some shredding. Apparently he had tickets to use before they closed for the season and he invited me to join. I was excited. I was going to ski twice this year!!!!

After book club on Friday night, we drove up to Tahoe. We arrived pretty late and checked into Motel 6. The room was pretty ghetto but it had two beds and a heater so I didn't care. I wonder if you can buy one of these comforters, they were pretty sweet!
The next morning we woke up to a beautiful sunny day. A perfect day for shredding. We drove up to the resort and Shawn had to rent some skis which took some time. I decided to take a quick run up the bunny slope while I was waiting to get some practice turns. As you can see it was a beautiful day on the slopes. Still cold, but nice.
On of the best things about skiing with Shawn, is his one piece. This stylish number comes complete with a detachable hood, fur lined collar, quad pockets, a belt and those snazzy racing stripes. It was awesome and I was a bit jealous.

One thing the suit didn't do was slow him down. I think those racing stripes helped him navigate the snow.
Since my only camera was an iphone, the pictures didn't really capture our awesomeness. This was supposed to be Shawn getting sick air but the slow shutter speed of the camera missed the action. But look at that landing!
Here I am on the ridge overlooking the lake. Heavenly is a great mountain to ski since it is so big so close to the lake. Heavenly can also be a pain with all the crowds and long lines, but the crowds were sparse.
I love going to Heavenly because I used to work there for 2.25 seasons. My commute to work used to include boarding to the lodge. I used to ski ~80 days a year but now I am lucky to get in 2. It's always fun to head back to my old stomping grounds. I never got tired of this view!

We actually stayed till 4 and skied down the mountain. The snow was great up top but got a bit wet on our way down. In some spots it was a bit like skiing on slush. On our drive home we stopped outside of Davis on Mace Boulevard. We took a chance on our food options and were heading to Taco Bell when we found this little gem hidden in a strip mall.
Authentic food. Dang their burritos were good!

We made it home at a pretty decent hour. Thanks again Shawn for the ticket and the good times.


Betsy said...

1) Shawn's jumper is so old school it's cool again.

2) Glad you boys had fun and glad you made it back in one piece!

Shawn said...

Sorry for not wearing helmets, Betsy.

It was a seriously good time; I think my muscles have begun to forgive me.

Suzy said...

So fun! Your motel room looked sweet haha

Betsy said...

That motel room would have been my worst nightmare.

Robyn Kessler said...

i don't know. . . that motel room, mixed with my hubby in that hot onesie. . . .