Thursday, April 16, 2009

Ticket to Ride!!!!

The other day Betsy told me to expect a surprise in the mail. She had picked up something for me but wouldn't tell me what is was, no matter how many Jedi mind tricks I tried on her. She just wouldn't budge.
But today the package came and to my surprise, she bought Ticket to Ride!!!

Our old neighbors the Kane's, got this game for Christmas and quickly hooked us. Sadly we moved away from the Kane's and can't play the game or with Sadie as often as we like. Not anymore.
Thanks babe for putting a smile on my face!!!

(if you really want to surprise me get one of these!)


Suzy said...

Maybe this needs to come with you to Utah??

Betsy said...

TTR is pretty much the most fun board game ever. We owe the Kane's forever for introducing us to it.

Betsy said...

AND...Utah! We can totally bring it! Or someone should just buy it (mom) because it's awesome and you'll want it anyway. I bought ours on Amazon.

bex said...

please invite me over to play this.

i will beat you all with my ability to build meandering train routes across the country.