Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Tree House

One thing we've loved about our new apt is the beautiful view out our living room and bedroom windows of Golden Gate Park. Here's a shot of the living room view back on the day we signed our lease w/our land lady. We felt like we lived in a tree house!

Fast forward to Sunday night when this happened during an overnight wind storm. So sad!!!! I worked from home on Monday so was able to watch the progress as they removed the fallen tree which is literally, outside our living room window.

Our new view looks a bit more like this. It's like a scene from Jurassic Park...it looks like some giant Triceritops broke out of GG Park right outside our window.

Also sad, whoever was parked under that mess when it happened. Yowza.


Steve said...

Wow! Our view is not going to be as pretty.

Alex said...

Little known facts: The male triceratops marked its mates by defecating on them. Also, Honda designed the Civic Hybrid along the contours of the female triceratops.