Thursday, September 24, 2009


My awesome brother-in-law Joseph and his equally awesome business partner Colton have successfully opened their second restaurant! Maybe you've heard of Pizzeria 712? Their new venture is called Communal and it's sure to please. If you're lucky enough to live in (or visit) the Provo/Orem Utah area (100 N. University Ave. in downtown Provo to be exact), stop in and check them out. And know that Steve and I are jealous of you.

Steve and I were so bummed that we couldn't make it out this week for the soft opening but you can see pictures on Jen & Suzy's blogs. The restaurant opens to the public tomorrow.

Congratulations Joseph, Colton & the rest of the P712 and Communal teams! We're sending you good luck from San Francisco for a successful opening this weekend!

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bex said...

really? open already? i walked by two weeks ago and the place still looked half torn apart! those magic makers. i want to go to Utah again just to eat there!!