Monday, September 28, 2009


Steve has a more flexible schedule than I do. With his environmental consulting gigs he often has time during the day for fun while I'm at work. I was futzing on the computer tonight and found a whole file of photobooth pictures that Steve has taken over the past year and sent to me randomly during work to keep me posted about what he's up to...

Sometimes he tries to be sexy.Sometimes while we're talking on the phone he'll take a picture of himself talking to me and send it.
Sometimes he does silly stuff.
Sometimes if I surprise him and come home early we make funny faces together.
"The Moose."
As it turns out, most of the pictures are more like "hey look at what I'm doing!"

"I'm eating a bowl of that watermelon we cut up last night!"
"Look at me in my hospital volunteer uniform!" (AKA stoned candy striper)
"Your first issue of your US Weekly subscription is here!"
When I secretly bought Ticket To Ride and had it mailed to our house for Steve.
We paid off our new car and the title arrives!!
Steve's textbooks arrive.
"Soy marinated flank steak for dinner!"
"Rx picked up!"
I had been planning to take my pj pants with me to work one day b/c I was going directly from work to babysit Sadie Kane and I wanted to be comfy. Apparently I forgot them.
Steve finds my secret chocolate stash.
I couldn't find my lotion one morning and Steve PROMISED he hadn't moved it anywhere. So at lunch I went to Walgreen's and bought a new bottle of lotion then got this in the afternoon from him. It was in one of his dresser drawers. This was his way of confessing.
"The honeydew melon you made me buy is disgusting!"
"Cilantro-lime marinated pork loin for dinner!"
Cash for the week.
So proud of his lop-sided loaf!

Keep those pictures coming honey!


Suzy said...

Those pictures are great! My fav's are the lotion and the lopsided loaf ones. And the honeydew one. I can't decide.

Jen said...

My fav is the cash photo. really.

Betsy said...

Big ballin' w/his stack of $5's.

corinne said...

i nominate steve for cutest ever. adorable.

k8 said...

umm, this is adorable. where did you find this boy???

Shawn said...

You should flash all that cash around unless you want to get robbed!

Same with the watermelon.

Shawn said...

shouldn't. It's surprising how vastly different a sentence can be when you leave the word "not" out of it. :)

Shawn said...

Seriously though, could I get some of that watermelon?