Wednesday, November 18, 2009

All cookie scoops are not created equal

I've gone through a few cookie scoops over the past couple of years. What? I like baking cookies. And I like gadgets. Hence, my obsession with cookie scoops. Since the holidays are upon us, I thought it an appropriate time to share my vast knowledge of cookie scoops with you.

First try: Crate & Barrel's version. While stainless steel and fancy, the little sweeper mechanism eventually got pulled out by some refrigerated dough. I "fixed" it but it was never quite the same. I think it cost me $12.95.

Second try: A plastic little ditty from the cake decorating section of Michael's craft. I know. What was I thinking? Of course this $3.95 white plastic atrocity was going to break on the first try. It didn't break on the first try b/c the dough was soft but the second time I used it was with dough that I'd chilled overnight and it busted on the first scoop.

Third try: Winner! Steve bought me this super industrial OXO scooper with rubber grip and let me tell you. It's hardcore. It'll scoop and release your most chilled chunky oatmeal, walnut, chocolate chip cookie dough without an issue. It blows my mind every time I use it. I'm serious. And it's $11.99 at Bed, Bath & Beyond.


Marj said...

The scoops are also handy for scooping muffin batter into the tins! No mess!

amanda said...

I am so glad you did the research b/c I have had issues with those over the years, too. My Pampered Chef one broke (yeah!) and the one I have now has this thumb button you push (so hard!) and on BOTH of those the gears would slip and mess it up. I am going out to buy the OXO one at my earliest convenience. Thank you, chef Betsy!

Alice said...

OH MY GOODNESS! Ok, so before I recently purchased a cookie scoop (just a month ago) I was doing to 2 spoons thing. Well, the scoop is SO MUCH BETTER! I love it and will never go back. I even went back to get a larger one for filling muffin tins. THE GREATEST! I totally agree!

Steve said...

I am such a good husband! (but really it's so betsy makes more baked goods!)