Friday, December 18, 2009


Last night Betsy's good friend Gail (who has been doing some recruiting for Betsy at work these past few months) took us to Zuni Cafe for a fun holiday dinner. Of course we had to get the Chicken for 2. Betsy and Gail split that while I had a pork chop. Everything was so delish but Betsy and Gail must have filled up on bread because we brought some delicious chicken leftovers home with us. What better way to use up the chicken than put it on a Pizza!
The result was amazing. Pesto, chicken, broccoli, and tomatoes.


Suzy said...

Yum...we need to make our own version of that while you guys are here next week.

Alice said...

I want that pizza in my mouth right now.

elsa bags said...

ok every time i look at your blog i get hungry!