Tuesday, January 5, 2010

St. Francis Fountain

Our good friends the McMillan's have been talking about St. Francis Fountain for ages and for whatever reason it took Steve & me ages to get there. Well last night as a reward for dragging myself back to work after a nice long vacation we rewarded ourselves with cheeseburgers, fries and a chocolate shake at St. Francis Fountain. So fantastic! Honestly the burger tasted down-home delicious...like something you'd cook up yourself at a family BBQ. And the shake? Forget it. Even me, the non-ice cream lover loved it.

I decided on the bacon cheddar burger (don't judge me...it was a tough day at work).

Steve had apx. 95% of our shake which I was okay with.

Steve had the mushroom swiss burger. Man...I could go for a burger right now.


Steve said...

So good!! I think we found our new favorite restaurant.

amyandseth said...

I will have to try it out! I love good burger joints.