Friday, January 22, 2010

Long weekend

While sifting through our pictures from our recent 3-day weekend I realized a couple of themes. Theme One: Babies. Here's the first baby. Here's Jude visiting from Oregon for a couple hours on Friday night. Oh, Andy & Emily were also there but Jude tends to steal our attention because he lets us play with him while Andy & Emily prefer simply sitting around and talking.

And baby number two: Finn! Well, this pic is mostly Jeremy but Finn's little head is in there too. Which leads us to theme two of the weekend: Food. Lots and lots of food. We decided to try out Boogaloo's over in the Mission. Huge crowd, long wait, delicious (but HEAVY) brunch menu.
Since, when you have a baby in tow, sleeping time is limited, Liz & I checked out the menu while we were waiting outside.
This is when we decided that no matter what else happened, we would be sharing an order of biscuits and gravy.
Jeremy has his system down. He keeps Finn happily sleeping in the Baby Bjorn, puts a napkin on top of Finn's head and enjoys his brunch.

I order the egg, bacon & cheddar sammy on sourdough. I make a similar item for Steve and I at home sans 1 cube butter on the bread.
The vegetarian biscuits and gravy. Man. Those were good for approximately 3 bites. Then they were too much for my tummy to take.
Both Steve & Liz ordered eggs benedict. Very tasty. And those potatoes were delicious too. They had a hint of curry. I worked though.

Finn awakes from his slumber!!!
Boogaloo's brunch did us in for eating the rest of the day so we move forward to breakfast on Sunday. Bagels, cream cheese, grapefruit & hot chocolate. Maybe I love capers. Maybe I love them almost an embarrassingly large amount. I'm coming clean right here and right now. I love all things pickled. Steve got angry that I placed two rogue capers on his precious bagel.

Sunday afternoon I decided to braise some pork tenderloin until it was nice and delicious and shreddy for tacos that night w/the McMillan's. Tacos and Golden Globes were perfect.
You can't see the delicious pork in this picture b/c it's covered in the homemade salsa I made. I'm not sure why I couldn't stop cooking this weekend.
Finn's reaction to Ricky Gervais hosting the Globes.
And the last meal we documented this pas weekend was breakfast on Monday morning. Poached eggs (like my mom taught me) on sourdough english muffins from Arizmendi. There is nothing better than a perfectly poached egg.
Unfortunately I cooked these 30 seconds too long to be considered perfect. The yolks should be a bit runnier. But still a good effort that my mom would be proud of.
An important discovery: Do not mix grapefruit and cantaloupe in the same bowl. It was not harmonious.


Suzy said...

Geez, I just ate dinner and I'm already hungry again after reading this post. I want the pork tacos recipe...everything looks delish Bets! Or should I say, Martha.

Lindsay said...

Man, that puts my dinner of a bowl of Peanut Butter Captain Crunch to shame! Please come visit me and we'll eat good food together.

Also, Liz and Jeremy have great taste in baby names...I decided sometime ago that my next baby boy should be named Finn. Mostly because Pat nixed Huckleberry and I've got to give a shout out to my favorite fictional character somehow.

elsa bags said...

sometimes when i look at your blog i get really hungry...

Steve said...

I hate rogue capers

amyandseth said...

all that yummy food makes me hungry! these eggs benedicts look soooo goooooood