Wednesday, April 28, 2010


A couple of weeks ago our friend Michelle graced us with her presence here in the city. We decided to meet her at the Ferry Building for the world famous breakfast sammies and some fresh fruit. Little did we know we were going to be caught up in a marketing blitz.

Our day started off innocently enough when we ran into Michelle and Shasta several stops early which is always a delight; running into someone on the Muni metro. Michelle caused quite a commotion at this chance meeting! She calmed down enough for me to document our ride.
So if you know Betsy, she is always talking up the breakfast sammies at the Ferry Building. They are super yummy unless you're a lactose intolerant vegetarian... The sammies never disappoint.
Afterwords, we went out to Justin Hermon Plaza and were excited to see that British Colombia had invaded. They wanted you to come to their fair country and apparently they travel by zip line or something. They did have this cool chalk photo.
Unfortunately the effect doesn't work when tourists walk through the cliff. But clever marketing campaign British Columbia!
And what trip downtown isn't complete without a stop at the Gap Maternity? We were again pleasantly surprised to find a free photo booth at the entrance. What a great marketing ploy.
As you can see the first photo took me by surprise but I quickly got the hang of it.
Well maybe not right away but some of them turned out OK.
We took three turns in the booth and got our photos in seconds. It was a fun time for sure.
Michelle and Shasta took off and we headed home on the train to relax and admire our photos. Luckily there was no major marketing campaign on our way home. SF is great because you never know what you're going to find when you head out and about. I love that about our city. Most of the time what you find kind of smells bad but sometimes its fun.

Also, please come back and visit Michelle. Its always fun to have you here.


Suzy said...

So fun to see Misell! And who's that cutie, Shasta? Love the photo booth pics, especially the first one of Steve. Remember how we are totally seeing you tomorrow?? :)

Scott Christopherson said...

Yo Steve and Betsy. I have your back.

Scott Christopherson said...