Thursday, May 13, 2010

The latest happenings in Utah

Steve and I went to Utah a couple of weeks ago and got to spend some quality time with the Heywood/McRae/Taggart clans. For whatever reason, every time we go to Utah lately, even if it's May, it's snowing. It's freezing. I don't know why the bad weather has been following us there but it does! It's okay though b/c the list of activities planned for the weekend was lovely.

Event #1: Communal. Communal has been open now for a while and Steve and I still haven't been! So we finally made our way to my brother-in-law Joseph's amazingly awesome latest endeavor. It was so delicious. We're so proud of Joseph & Colton!!!

After dinner we even got a tour of their pantry area downstairs. These guys blow my mind with their coolness.

Event #2: The Man Date. My sisters threw me a little family baby shower on Friday evening so the guys decided to have a man date which included Clash of the Titans and Cafe Rio. Notice my dad and his special movie drink cup. You pay $11 for that thing then you can use it forever at the Cineplex and fill it up for $1. Score one for Utah.
Event #3 (AKA the least photographed event of the weekend): My baby shower! Seriously, there are no pictures because I'm usually the one that takes the pics and I was busy being the center of attention. It was such a great, casual fun evening. Thanks everyone who came to celebrate! You can see some pics on my sister's blogs here and here. My mom and my sisters are the best ever.

I literally have no pics of during the shower but I have some afterwards being cute and silly.
Emma & Allie
Steve displaying his favorite gift from my mom!
Suzy recuperating (see why an evening of partying with the ladies has her so tired here).
Amanda showed up right as the party was winding down (and luckily our resident photographer was back from Clash of the Titans).
Event #4: Sophie's Baptism! I can't believe Sophie is 8!!!
Parent practice.

Event #5: Chuck-O-Rama!!!! Somehow, Chuck-O-Rama has become the venue of choice for post-baptism lunch. We always let the guest of honor choose and sure enough, Sophie followed in the footsteps of her big brother and her big sister and we all geared up for a smorgasbord of hearty goodness. This picture perfectly captures the essence that is Chuck-O-Rama. Ryan's plate includes the following: Fried chicken, spaghetti, garlic bread, mac 'n cheese, and mashed potatoes.
Not to be outdone by Ryan...Steve followed up his multiple lunch plates with this lovely sundae.

My husband is so cute. I love this picture.

Thanks family for another fun-filled Utah weekend! We love you!!!


Steve said...

um, that was low-fat frozen yogurt. Get it straight.

Amanda said...

I'm honored to have been a part of your weekend. It's always a blast with the Heywood girls!

Suzy said...

Hey thanks for that huge butt shot of me...appreciate that! Way fun weekend, miss you guys already!!

Naomi said...

Great photos Bets. Miss me some Heywoods. Suzy, even after your comment I couldn't find your petite butt anywhere. Steve is now rated #1 photogenic baby-daddy in my book - can't get enough of the perpetually "I can't believe how much fun this is!" expression. Although Joseph wins runner-up with the Frankenstein picture from the baptism. Love youse.

Kersten said...

Hey, we tried Communal not too long ago, and WOW. I'm in awe of the restaurant and anyone related to it!

Betsy said...

Naomi, I'm with you. "Huge butt worries" should be the least of Suzy's issues. And as a rule, the Heywood ladies are not very bootylicious in general. Somewhere back in our genetic ancestory, flat butts were invented.

Kersten, Steve and I are right there with you in your awe of Joseph and Colton. Even though we're related to Joe, we're total groupies too!