Sunday, October 9, 2011

Family Reunion: Park City, UT 2011

Waaaaaaaaaay back in early August we enjoyed a week in Park City, UT with my family. We've done this for about 5 years in a row now (except we missed last year due to a pending baby delivery). My super generous and awesome parents rent a few condominiums and we spend our days enjoying the pool and summertime fun Park City has to offer. And of course, good food, good times, good people...just all around lovely. I'm such a horrible blogger these days but wanted to post all the fun pics we had.

Charlie and Cole in their matching car-seats heading to dinner (Cole actually looks BIGGER than Charlie and he's 3+ months younger).
Jen & JoeAunt Suzy sharing her dinner with Charlie.Ma & Pa Santos.
Pool time! Charlie hated the pool initially but warmed up quickly.
Olympic park...The Comet!

Grandma & Cole.
They had this great observation area where you could sit out on this patio, buy soft pretzels and soda and watch all the kids practice their aerials. It was so fun...Charlie could have sat there all day.While we were observing, the dare-devils went to ride the alpine slide and zip lines.The next day we hit up the Park City resort and rode the Alpine Coaster. Emma & Ryan are ready to go!
Sophie, Emma & Allie hanging out w/Charlie.
Sophie is not excited.
We also spent lots of time at the condos just hanging out. Cole & Charlie became great friends.

Allie was such a great helper with Charlie the whole time...she's made to be a babysitter!!!!!
Charlie taking advantage of Allie's niceness.
Jen, Ethan & Charlie celebrated birthdays during Park City week this year.
Charlie getting harassed about his mullet (notice the pony tail).Weeeeeeeeeee! They have swings in Park City too!
Steve screen-printed shirts for everyone and on our last evening we gathered everyone together to take some family pics...our family is not big on the big, huge, posed family pics but we tried. Note the rolled up sleeves the guys were sporting.
Thanks mom & dad for such an amazing week!

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Steve said...

I'm glad we were able to go to park city this year. So much fun! Thanks grandma and grandpa Heywood for all the memories!