Monday, October 10, 2011

Goodbye mullet, AKA "the bob."

When Charlie was born, he had a fine layer of darker brown hair that quickly fell out. Well, most of it did...All of it fell out except the old man ring around the back. It's like the old man ring of hair got a jump start on everything else and kept growing and growing and growing until we ended up with this:
Charlie's hair has been called a mullet for months now. We've been battling lots of peer pressure to cut it but we weren't budging. Even when people called him Frasier Crane or Terry Bradshaw, we didn't care. My plan was to arrive at my parent's house in Utah this Christmas with Charlie sporting a pony tail (just to prove a point). But then one day I realized it wasn't a cool mullet. It had turned into a full-blown bob overnight. A bob that looked like we took time every morning to blow dry it and used a round brush to get that perfect under-curl. That's when we decided it might be time to swallow our pride and take our good friend (and my hair stylist) Preston up on his offer to cut Charlie's hair whenever we decided it was time for his first cut.
Notice that perfect curl under...girls from 1991 would pay good money for this look I'm sure.
The best part of the bob is that it's not even at the actual base of his hairline. It's like one inch up from the base of his hairline. Look can see his actual hairline under the mullet-bob.

Sometimes Charlie likes to play telephone with his spoon that's covered in yogurt in the morning and the mullet-bob gets matted and slimy.
Last Thursday we met up with Preston @ acme Salon in downtown SF and we were ready! Excited even!
Charlie had no idea what was going on, he was just excited to visit Uncle Preston...
Then he started to figure out what was happening and was less excited to see Uncle Preston...And then it became obvious that Charlie was disappointed in mommy & daddy. Charlie was ready to rock his mullet-bob all the way to the finish line.
But then Charlie caught a glimpse of his new look in the mirror and the tides started to change.
He started to embrace the idea of a slick new hairstyle to sport for the ladies at the playground.And soon he was totally on board.
So handsome. Thanks Uncle Preston!!!
We thought a little follow-up proof that he loves his new look would be appropriate. So happy. Instantly turned from a baby to a little boy.


Steve said...

He's very handsome with his new style.

Lizzy said...

I LOVE the "disappointed in his parents" face! Such a fun post. Such a handsome boy. I hope Steve is enjoying the extra 20 minutes he has every morning since he no longer has to do the round brush routine.

Senja said...

such a handsome little guy! :)

april said...

Aw, bye-bye baby locks! Getting so grown up. Still a stinkin' cutie.