Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Card #2. AT&T Park

After an almost 3 month hiatus, I decided to start using these cards again. So much for one card a week. Card #2 is AT&T (formally Pacific Bell) Park! So fun. When Betsy and I were first married, we lived 3 blocks away from the stadium in an awesome loft so it was a bit of a homecoming.
We parked in South Park near where previously both our cars were towed while we were on vacation. Ahh, the memories. The neighborhood hadn't changed too much and it was fun to see our old haunts.
To start any good adventure one needs sustenance and Caffe Centro delivers with bagels and cream cheese. Charlie combined both his loves, bagel eating and people watching.
After breakfast we headed to the stadium and our first stop was South Beach park. What a view. The park is right next to the stadium and provides great views of the city and bay. Also the T and N muni metro lines are nearby and if your child is like mine, the metro train is the coolest thing next to the regular bus.

The park is small and doesn't have swings but does have sand. And a pirate ship.

We then walked down the marina that's behind the stadium. Charlie loved to watch the boats and countless seagulls on the dock.

We then continued around the stadium and this was as close as we got to the field. The card noted there were daily tours of the stadium but you had to call before and come later in the day. Not going to work for our nap schedule and I'm sure Charlie didn't care. Besides, it's an excuse to buy tickets to a game this upcoming season so we can go inside.
We crossed the 3rd street bridge (named after this guy) and headed to China Basin Park, a grassy knoll that boarders McCovey Cove. Charlie was stoked!

We walked to the end of the park, chasing birds, saying hello to dogs, and having a great time. The sidewalk is covered with all sorts of baseball stuff and I wish I knew what it meant but was too busy chasing around Charlie to make sure he didn't fall into the cove. He loved the giant cement baseballs. I loved the view.
With all the running, Charlie was pooped and he jumped in the stroller for the ride back to the car.
Since there is an actual park in South Park, we decided to extend our stay and get our swing on.

The park structure is a bit antiquated but they have a bunch of sand so its OK with charlie. As Charlie was playing, I was trying to remember if I ever observed kids playing in the park. Ever. I couldn't remember children using the park, just tons of smokers and drinkers.
What a fun adventure. This walk is very picturesque and I bet during the baseball season, would be very fun. I can't wait for the season to start so I can take charlie to a game or two.

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Betsy said...

Nice work boys! You're going to need to pick up the pace with these cards if you're going to finish them this decade. :)